Friday, 25 March 2011

UFC 128 CONTESTS: Confidence Pick and Betting Games are LIVE

By Rich Hansen, UFC Torch Columnist


I get to write up the Betting Contest and Confidence Game picks and not have to mention Cambo Nelson and his reign of terror over the Betting Contest. Nick Center knocked the king off of his throne at UFC 127 by betting heavily on Anthony Perosh. The $1020 profit he turned was enough to squeak past 'Rambo' and his goose-egg. So we finally have a totally fresh match up. Long time contributor Tyson 'Kubi' Kubas has come out of the UFC 127 Betting Contest Pool to challenge my new personal hero Mister Nick Center.

On the Confidence Picks side, things are a little more complicated. The great Dutchman Skarz defended his Confidence Picks title, and will defend against Tony Schuck. He will also defend against Daniel Moore. Moore got his entry in on time, but I never added it to the pool. He tied Schuck's point total, so we've got a three-way-dance.


I changed the tie-breakers for the Confidence Picks game, but never bothered to publish them for the last contest. Whoops. Anyhow, here's the procedure?

1. Total Confidence Points. Duh.

2. Total Number of Correct Picks. If you pick 9 fights right, and he picks 8 fights, you both get 45 points, you win.

3. Rounds and Methods. Just like it was in the original version of the Picks Game.


When you submit the confidence pick entries, please submit them to me in numerical order, not in alphabetical order, or in the order I list them below. If you put 12 points on Koch, list him first, please. Thank you.


There are two Millers fighting on this card. Brothers Jim and Dan Miller are both fighting before their home-state audience. If you submit an entry and don't specify which Miller you are picking or betting on, I'm deleting the entire entry, no exceptions. Please submit picks on a Miller brother as Jim, Jim Miller, Dan, Dan Miller, but not just plain Miller. I'm going to be a hard-ass on this one, not for the sake of being able to be a douchebag on the internet, but so as to eliminate any potential judgment calls. Thank you for understanding.


Courtesy of, here are the lines we are using for UFC 128.

Jon Jones -185
Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua +155

Urijah Faber -500
Wineland +300

Nathan Marquardt -340
Dan Miller +260

Jim Miller -275
Kamal Shalorus +215

Brendan Schaub -280
Mirko 'CroCop' Filipovic +220

Luiz Artur Cane -175
Eliot Marshall +145

Edson Barboza -325
Anthony Njokuani +250

Ricardo Almeida -180
Mike Pyle +150

Gleison Tibau -150
Kurt Pellegrino +120

Joseph Benavidez -525
Ian Loveland +325

Erik Koch -170
Raphael Assuncao +140

Nick Catone -200
Constantinos Phillippou +160


As you can see, there's a number attached to each fighter. That number represents how much money you can make off each fighter. The way it works is, if a fighter has a positive number he's an underdog. The positive number means if you were to bet $100 dollars on him, you would make the amount of the positive number. For example, if you were to bet $100 on Edgar and he won, you would make back the hundred you bet, plus $115 for a total payout of $215.

If the fighter has a negative number, that number represents how much you would have to bet to make $100 on the fighter. For example, if you bet $145 on Marquardt and he won, you'd make back the $145, plus a $100 profit, for a total payout of $245.

If you choose to make a parlay bet on 2 or 3 fighters, there is a $200 maximum parlay bet, which comes out of the $1000 you have to bet (not in addition to the original $1000). If all the fighters in the parlay win, then you win the bet at a higher payout factor than making two separate bets would pay out.

Each contestant has $1000 in theoretical money. You can bet it on as many fighters as you'd like, but you have to bet on at least three. The most you can bet on a single fighter is $500, the minimum bet is $50, and bets can be for any amount between $50 and $500 (except parlays, which must be between $50 and $200).

You must place three or more straight bets. You may make zero or one parlay bets.

If all of your bets combined add up to more than $1000, after the card is over, I will delete your highest paying winning bet, so it is your responsibility to make sure you don?t bet more than $1000 per event.

I'm setting a deadline of 6 PM (EST) Saturday to get all of your picks in.

Note: In the event that either one of the #1 contenders fail to show for their title shot, the champ will defend against the best submission for this event.

You can submit your picks one by emailing me at THIS ADDRESS: ( , or by leaving them in the comments section right down there. But email is VASTLY preferred

Good luck!


Mike Brown  Junie Browning Paul Buentello  Josh Burkman  Mikey Burnett 

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