Saturday, 15 September 2012

DREAM officially dies as Real Entertainment shuts down

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Real Entertainment, the parent company of Japanese MMA promotion DREAM, has closed up shop, according to a report from, bringing about the effective end of that promotion.

DREAM hadn't run an event in months, but there had reportedly been discussions about continuing on in the fight business. However, per the report, "the management of the company has had enough. The higher ranking officials have all gone their own ways and it was more or less just remnants of an old company."

Those left in charge have opted to shut down for good, and the promotion that picked up in the wake of Pride Fighting Championship's sale to the UFC is no more.

Penick's Analysis: The sport has continued to dwindle in Japan in the years following the collapse of Pride. Amidst scandals with the Yakuza, the sport lost its major television foothold, and DREAM never really took off in its place. Some of the fighters who have competed for the company have come over to the U.S., many others have gone to ONE Fighting Championship, based out of the Philippines, which is trying to stake its own claim as the new king in Asian MMA. It's an ongoing and evolving story as far as Asian MMA is concerned, but this just marks the final nail in the coffin of DREAM.


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