Sunday, 16 September 2012

Frankie Edgar's camp willing to stay on UFC 153 card or to fight later

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

"If the UFC wants Frankie to fight anybody, he'll fight anybody. It doesn't matter. If they want him to fight on this card, he'll fight on this card. If they want him to wait, he'll wait... We thought [Aldo] was OK, and the champion he is, he tried to work through the injuries. But if I was him, of course, I wouldn't fight injured because you have a lot to lose. At this point, I don't know. Maybe [Aldo is] going to try and see the doctor. I don't know what's going on... We wish Aldo a speedy recovery."

-Frankie Edgar's manager Ali Abdel-Aziz talks to in the wake of Jose Aldo's injury, making it clear that Edgar is prepared for whatever the UFC wants him to do next.

Penick's Analysis: That's the right attitude to take, though the UFC certainly doesn't need him for the UFC 153 event anymore. They needed him for the Championship bout because it was against Aldo, but with Aldo gone, they can plug him in against anyone else on any other card and be just as effective right now. We'll see which route they go soon enough, but regardless it won't be as exciting as the fight we're now missing out on with Aldo.

[Frankie Edgar art by Grant Gould (c)]


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