Friday, 21 September 2012

UFC 152: Brian Stann says he's not going to tell Michael Bisping how good he is, he's going to show him

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Michael Bisping has made a lot of comments about his upcoming fight with Brian Stann; Bisping believes he's got more power than people give him credit for, and believes that - despite his KO loss to Dan Henderson - he's got a better chin than Stann. Not only that, but he has given less than glowing reviews to the rest of Stann's game as well.

If Bisping wants to stand and trade strikes with Stann in Toronto at UFC 152, Stann is more than willing to fight in that capacity. However, he said this week he doesn't truly expect Bisping to do that.

"I welcome him standing with me and trading shots," Stann said in an interview with "That's an area where it's always been one of my best opportunities to win fights. But I don't think that's exactly what he is going to do. He'll use his footwork. He's not a pocket-puncher-type of guy. He's a stick-and-move-type of guy."

Even if that's not the style of fight that plays out on Saturday, Stann is more than willing to show what he can do elsewhere, and thinks Bisping has mistakenly underestimated the rest of his fight game.

"I'm very excited to surprise him in the other realms of mixed martial arts. I feel he's underestimating me in my other skills and that's fine; I'm not going to tell him how good I am, I'm going to show him."

Penick's Analysis: Stann was outclassed in the grappling game by Chael Sonnen, but outside of that fight he's never been completely dominated. He's well-rounded enough to compete against Bisping wherever the fight goes, but of course his biggest advantage will be in his power striking. Bisping's power is not the same as Stann's, and their respective records can attest to that. Still, whether Bisping thinks he can knock Stann out or not, Stann may be right that it's all just lip service, and that Bisping could have an entirely different gameplan than the one he's touted in interviews thus far. We'll find out for sure on Saturday night.


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