Monday, 15 October 2012

Anderson Silva says UFC super fight with Jon Jones isn't a possibility

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

The topic of super fights has been surrounding UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva for the past several months. A bout with Georges St-Pierre may be on the horizon, but his move to 205 lbs. this weekend against Stephan Bonnar has the conversation on another opponent once again: Jon Jones.

UFC President Dana White told ESPN's Sportscenter on Wednesday that he felt Saturday's bout could be Silva's way of dipping his toe into the water of the 205 lb. division, and that a potential bout with Jones could result down the line. However, Silva once again reiterated on Thursday a stance he's held for some time, saying a bout with Jones is not going to happen.

"There are many possibilities, but fighting Jon Jones is one of them that I don't think is possible," Silva said today during a pre-fight press conference for UFC 153. "There's no way."

Silva again said he will not be making a move up to the light heavyweight division for good, not with several of his friends and teammates competing in the weight class. Silva said it would be "pretentious" of him to make that move, and it's simply not in the cards.

Penick's Analysis: This isn't a surprise, as he's made this stance clear on a few occasions. White has been trying to keep the possibility alive, and a fight with Jones remains more interesting to many fans than one against GSP. But for now, he's still a middleweight, he's just fighting up for one bout because of the short notice nature of the bout and the fact that it's on short notice. So for now, put away any hope of a Silva-Jones bout coming to pass.


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