Friday, 19 October 2012

Brett Cooper Talks Fighting in Bellator, Life in MMA Outside the UFC

by Michael David Smith

When Brett Cooper last stepped into the cage, it was for a five-minute, five-round fight for a championship in the Lords of the Cage MMA promotion. Cooper had prepared to fight for 25 minutes, but things didn't go quite as planned: He knocked Keith Berry out in just 10 seconds (video above).

"He came in real quick and aggressive, I countered him with a punch and it was over," Cooper said. "It was a strange moment because it happened so fast. It was bittersweet. But that's why you train hard, so things come easy in the fight. But I wouldn't have been disappointed if the fight would have gone more minutes."

For the 23-year-old Cooper, who will fight Alexander Schlemenko Saturday at Bellator 44 on MTV2, trying to make it as a full-time fighter outside the UFC sometimes means not wanting to win a fight too quickly: The experience of getting more minutes in the cage can be good for a fighter's development, and Lords of the Cage isn't exactly handing out six-figure Knockout of the Night bonuses, like UFC fighters can earn.


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