Sunday, 28 October 2012

Chad Mendes off the hook after battery charge dropped in California

It?s not uncommon for physical altercations to break out at local watering holes regardless of the region in question. However, it?s fairly rare for a bar brawl to involve a known Mixed Martial Artist let alone one of the best featherweights in the world.

Former UFC title-contender Chad Mendes, unfortunately, found himself mixed up in such a scenario earlier this year when a fight broke out at a bar in California where he allegedly struck a patron before evading authorities. Though Mendes faced up to six months behind bars due to the battery charge attached to the situation, the 27-year old grappler can now put the matter behind him.

Initial Report of Mendes’ Run in with the Law

According to a press release from his manager, the charge was reduced to a public disturbance, allowing Mendes to pay a fine and move on with his life.

Mendes is currently scheduled to face Hacran Dias on December 14 at UFC on FX 6 where he?ll look to score a second straight win since stumbling against champion Jose Aldo in January.



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