Saturday, 13 October 2012

Clay Guida discusses decision to drop to featherweight and recent fight with Gray Maynard

?That?s not a fight, you don?t win fights by running away in a fight,? said UFC President Dana White about the UFC on FX 4 headliner between Clay Guida and Gray Maynard after the bout’s conclusion. ?I wish ref Dan Miragliotta would have warned Guida in the second round for timidity, not in the fifth. That?s what they are supposed to do. �Clay isn?t supposed to be running from his opponent he is supposed to be fighting him.?

Those harsh quotes came just hours after the main event fight took place, and for the most part Guida has kept quiet about things since. However, with his announcement that Guida will be dropping to fight in the UFC?s featherweight division, “The Carpenter” has now decided to open up on the effort and still maintains he deserved the judges’ nod at the end of it.

?If you look, I outstruck him. I was much faster than him. It felt like I was two or three steps ahead of Gray the whole time. I outwrestled him, I stopped all of his takedowns. I defended submissions, got a little bit of ground and pound, broke his nose, cut his face,” said Guida while serving as a guest on The MMA Hour.

Guida concluded that he felt fans with a keen eye saw what happened in the cage during the five round fight, even stating he is pretty sure Maynard is equally aware too.

?I know there (are) logical fans out there that realize what fight they saw. I?m sure (Maynard) still knows what happened in the cage that evening.?

Guida Feels Judges Don’t Truly Understand MMA

As far as his drop down to 145 pounds, Guida said his move was a combination of timing and his physical proportions.

?The fact that I?m pretty undersized at lightweight, I think now is the time. Coming off of two losses, I?m going down on my terms. No one is forcing me to,” Guida admitted. ?It?s just, I?m going to do things on my terms. We made a pretty good couple runs at lightweight, and who?s the say we won?t go back up there after a few fights.?

As of right now, Guida doesn?t have any names in mind as to who he would like to fight, but he is definitely interested in getting in the mix for the title picture.

?I would definitely like a higher profile fight. I would like to fight someone who has a couple of wins under their belt at 145 that?s going to put us in position to make a run at the featherweight title,” Guida declared.



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