Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Donald Cerrone still waiting on Anthony Pettis to sign for future fight

The trash-talk between UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone and divisional peer Anthony Pettis has been in full force since the possibility of the two taking each other on inside the Octagon first surfaced earlier this year. However, Pettis has been sidelined since for a few months while recovering from a shoulder injury and has been relatively quiet as of late in terms of updating fans on his condition.

Cerrone appears to be waiting for word from Pettis as well, recently revealing he?d already put his name on the dotted line for the two to duke it out at some point soon but Pettis? side of the bout agreement still isn?t in place.

?I?m looking forward to that fight. Hopefully December we?re gonna get it, beginning of January. My side of the deal is signed. (I?m) just waiting on him while his shoulder is rehabbed,? said Cerrone in a conversation with MMAInterviews. ?There?s been a lot of sh*t talking back and forth, so it?s gonna be fun. It?s gonna be for the fans. I think it?s gonna be Fight of the Night for sure.?

Pettis Responds to Trash-Talk from Cerrone

As far as how he matches up with Pettis, Cerrone predicts an action-packed affair based on both men being polished pugilists.

?He?s well-rounded. I think my wrestling is better than his but if we go to the ground he?s good on the ground, if we stay standing he?s good there. It?s gonna be a helluva fight. I?m packing a lunch. I?m ready for three rounds of hell,? explained Cerrone, adding he couldn?t wait to get his hands on ?Showtime? and possibly earn a title-shot in the process as well. ?I?ll fight him on an undercard, I don?t care.?

The 19-4 Cerrone has won eight of his last nine fights with the lone exception involving a decision loss to top contender Nate Diaz. Comparably, Pettis holds an overall record of 15-2 with success in six of his last seven scraps including a victory over 155-pound champion Benson Henderson.



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