Saturday, 27 October 2012

Jon Jones reconsidering fight with Chael Sonnen

After Dan Henderson pulled out of UFC 151, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones turned down a fight with Chael Sonnen. Though the fight would have kept the eventually canceled UFC 151 alive, it also wasn't a good fight for Jones on short notice.

But now? He tweeted on Thursday night that maybe this could be a fight that the fans want to see.

Sonnen already has a fight planned for UFC 155 against Forrest Griffin, and Jones is rehabbing an elbow injury. But perhaps it makes sense for him in the future.

A fight with Sonnen may not be the biggest challenge on the horizon for Jones, but it is good business. Sonnen is an incredibly polarizing figure, as MMA fans love or hate the outspoken fighter whose actions sometimes border on those of pro wrestling. Fans will buy a pay-per-view with Sonnen on it to either cheer him on or cheer for his comeuppance. More pay-per-view buys means more money for Jones, regardless of whether it's a good fight for him or not.


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