Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Rich Franklin more likely to ?choose retirement over the necessity of TRT to continue?

At 38 years old, former UFC champion Rich Franklin understands his remaining fights are numbered and is out to make one more run at a title-shot before calling it a career. However, thanks to modern day medicine coupled with athletic commissions? openness to the treatment, Franklin could extend his run in MMA by undergoing Testosterone Replacement Therapy and even teased the possibility a few months back.

Since giving it more thought, it appears ?Ace? has changed his mind and come around to the idea that TRT would taint his reputation rather than enhance it by potentially adding a few wins.

?The public perception of TRT is that it’s cheating. The moment I said I was actually thinking about it, I started getting quite a bit of backlash,? admitted Franklin in an interview with ESPN, adding, ?More than likely, in my mind, I’ll choose retirement over the necessity of TRT to continue.?

While the day will eventually come where Franklin will have to make that decision, the seasoned veteran quickly pointed out that it hasn’t arrived just yet.

?I don?t believe I?ve dropped off with my speed or strength or any of that,? said Franklin of his current state, pointing to his June win over Wanderlei Silva as an example of his remaining ability to compete at a high level.

Franklin’s Original Remarks on TRT

The 29-6 Franklin?s next fight is scheduled for November 10 where he?ll face Cung Le in headlining action at UFC on Fuel 6. The card marks the organization?s debut in China.



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