Thursday, 18 October 2012

Roy Nelson open to additional drug testing before fight with Shane Carwin

With the importance of preventing the use of performance enhancing drugs in Mixed Martial Arts, a number of high-profile fighters have stepped up to express their willingness to undergo additional testing as a means of helping clean up the sport. UFC heavyweight Roy Nelson recently jumped on the bandwagon, hoping to both prove his own innocence in the matter while also ensuring his upcoming clash with opponent Shane Carwin takes place on a level playing field.

The Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA) has since come forward to say they?re open to providing the level of screening Nelson desires, and while ?Big Country? is certainly down to comply, it looks like Carwin?s camp is far from enthusiastic about the notion.

?This fight is going to happen but it?s going to be fair. I know Shane has never failed a drug test in his professional fighting career. And that?s why as former champions we are leaders and it is essential that we make theses stands for young athletes in our sport. We will settle our beef and squash the juice on December 15,? said Nelson to MMAWeekly when asked about the showdown with his fellow TUF 16 coach.

Meanwhile, a representative of Carwin?s offered up his opinion on the situation, saying the hard-hitting heavyweight hadn?t been contacted by VADA. Of course, even if they had, it sounds like Carwin?s compliance in their request is far from a given.

Carwin: “I hate Roy Nelson as a person.”

?The only time I heard of VADA was when they posted their story making false and defamatory comments about Shane. They removed the article. They are a bully not a valid independent regulatory body,? explained manager Jason Genet.



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